jeanna spawnJeanna Spawn is an experienced television producer who has worked in Hollywood for more than 20 years. As an Executive in Charge of Production, Jeanna is responsible for managing all aspects of show financials and logistics, creating budgets, negotiating contracts, and handling network relations. She manages union and non-union crews and supervises all support staff including writers, clearance, ENG crews, freelance producers and post-production.

Jeanna was instrumental in creating FiT TV, the first 24-hour fitness network. Her experience includes both domestic and international productions for a variety of networks including Court TV, SyFy, TLC, Spike TV and truTV. Shows include Crisis Point, Moments of Impact, Caught Red Handed, Most Shocking, and Most Daring, to name a few. Jeanna is sought for her advice and experience in managing productions, logistics, budgets and staff in a variety of scripted and non-scripted productions. Jeanna is a co-producer of The Legacy Project, a video series which highlights the stories of notable law enforcement officers as they share their insights, experiences and advise for others.