What We Do

The Spawn Group consults on a wide range of projects from movie and television productions to law enforcement training. We produce audio and video products that serve the law enforcement community. Our goal is to develop products which exemplify the progressive and professional side of law enforcement. Whether it’s showcasing a particular agency, project, policy or program, or developing an informational video to inform the police community or the public at large, we have the background and experience to help you develop your project from concept to completion.


  • Audio and Video Production
  • Print Media
  • Public Speaking/ Presentations
  • Production Consultation

Areas of Specialty

  • Harm Reduction
  • Officer Safety
  • The Value of Police Crash Reports in Highway Safety
  • Sex Offender Management
  • Re-creations
  • Technology in Law Enforcement – APLRs, crime scene evidence, traffic safety including data quality, crash reporting, ignition interlock devices,
  • General law enforcement policy
  • Fire/arson scene investigation
  • Criminal identification and fingerprint evidence